Every year in the Autumn Term we hold our annual Presentation Evenings.  We have been very fortunate to secure some brilliant past student speakers as listed below.

2023  Alexandra Mannion - Head of Creative Artists for Nemisis Now Giftware

2022 Tom Furnival - Senior Emotional & Physical Coach for VIP Education

2018 Sophie Stubbs - Brand Manager at Knights Solicitors, Elliot Greaves - Innovation Project manager at Deeset and Eliza64 & Leigh-Anne Harrison - Design & Technology Teacher

2017 Heather Locker - Florist and Photographer &  James Ball - British Airways

2016 Nathan Smith - Port Vale defender, Chelsea Jackson - Primary School teacher at Market Drayton Infant School, Clarette Goodhead - English teacher at Madeley School.

2015 Rebecca Holland Demand & Network Management Executive for Nestle Walters UK, Sarah Latham - Deputy Headteacher Merryfields School & Christopher Deakin.

2014 Lorraine Watson - MSc PG Di[ BSc (Hons) RD, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Clinical Sciences and Nutrition at Chester University, Carys Roberts Physiotherapist, Martha Birks - Photographer & Georgia Griffiths.

If you are one of our past students and you are interested in being one of our guest speakers please ring the school on Tel: 01782 987800 and ask to speak to Mrs Downie.