Our digital strategy aims to enhance the quality of teaching and learning at Madeley School, and enable pupils to be better prepared to thrive in an ever changing world. We have invested in the infrastructure and capacity necessary to take this step, including updating all Promethean screens across the school, improved WiFi and ongoing staff training.

Over the last two years a group of staff in school have worked collaboratively as Digital Champions, and we are keen to share our vision for the Digital Strategy with you so you and your family know what the aim of this project is:

Vision Statements

  • To utilise innovative technology to support our Inspiring Excellence curriculum
  • To develop confident, resilient and aspirational learners who are equipped for future challenges within the workplace
  • To inspire enjoyment in learning and a positive approach to developing knowledge
  • To foster creativity and independence in the classroom
  • To give our pupils the opportunity to grow personally and academically so that they can become successful adults
  • To have an inclusive curriculum which removes barriers to learning
  • To use technology as a powerful tool to accomplish academic aims

Digital Documents

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