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Subject Leader: Mr L Royall

Our Personal Development Curriculum at Madeley School is underpinned by our core values.  Our core values align with the governments “character” agenda and we have chosen to stick with our core values that are already embedded across the school.

We are committed to providing a curriculum, which inspires excellence in all its forms and gives all pupils the opportunity to experience success.  This curriculum, which is knowledge and experience rich, encourages depth of study and a life-long love of learning, celebrates British values and prepares our pupils with a wealth of transferable skills.  As a result, our pupils will be healthy, happy, well-rounded individuals who contribute positively as citizens in the global society of tomorrow.

The Personal Development Programme is key in developing those skills that will make our pupils positive contributors to society.  Our programme encompasses all elements of the RSE, Health and wellbeing and First aid government statutory requirements. 

Our Personal Development programme is supported by themed assemblies and votes for schools in form time.  Votes for Schools was created to give all young people a better knowledge of current affairs and get them voting! Each week the forms are given a new topic many that are current in the news.  They discuss and then vote.  The votes are entered online and the results for the school and across all schools using the platform the following week. 

For more information see the Votes for Schools website:

Aims and Intended Outcomes

  • To empower pupils to become actively involved and engaged in their communities and civil society
  • To provide pupils with the knowledge and skills to live a healthy, safe and fulfilling life
  • To encourage pupils to develop positive values and a moral framework that will guide their decisions, judgements and behaviour
  • To make pupils aware of their own rights and responsibilities
  • To make pupils aware of topical and global issues
  • To develop an understanding of how and when individuals and group actions can affect their communities, the environment and the world
  • To raise pupils self-esteem, aspiration, and empower pupils to be able to form and maintain satisfying relationships
  • To develop pupils skills of communication, participation, enquiry and responsible action
  • To recognise the challenges of technological developments including internet safety, e-safety and social media.
  • To understand what British values are and to recognise the importance of diversity in society

The programme is delivered through 5 strands.

  • Relationships & Sex Education
  • Health & Wellbeing including first aid
  • Financial Capability
  • Citizenship
  • Careers Enterprise Information & Guidance

Key Stage 3

In Year 7-9 sessions involve learning about self-awareness, with pupils finding out about themselves and their strengths and weaknesses. This helps them to understand how their working life and the choices they make will fundamentally affect their future. Pupils are introduced to Careers resources and have experience of using START (a guidance software program). Guest speakers from local colleges visit the school to inform pupils about the study routes available to them. 

Year 7 students initially consider the difficulties of integrating into a new school and organising themselves into an effective routine. Issues such as bullying are explored throughout the year and students are made aware of the procedure to follow should a problem occur. It is hoped that pupils will understand that bullying is a group problem and it will not be tolerated. To further the work of the Science department, personal issues are discussed with relation to sex education. 

Throughout Key Stage 3, opportunities are created to maximise learning about areas such as emotional wellbeing, celebrating differences, financial responsibility, road safety and first aid techniques. Students will also consider conflict resolution and diversity within society, and are encouraged to take an active part in debates and role play.

Citizenship and British Values

Respect, tolerance for others and inclusiveness permeate our school community. Every individual is valued and encouraged to believe they can succeed.

We use the four Fundamental British Values to underpin all our work in school, building a greater sense of self identity and awareness of our place in the wider world;

Democracy - all are free to express opinions, willing to listen to others with different views, have a role in influencing decision-making.

Rule of law - laws protect everyone, no one is above the law. All are aware of rights and responsibilities.

Mutual respect and tolerance - raising understanding and tackling prejudice so all are treated with dignity and respect.

Individual liberty - freedom, for example the right to act, believe and express oneself in a manner of one’s own choosing.

You can download our British values policy here

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Key Stage 4

KS4 Personal Development Information Page

The Personal Development programme is non examinable but a vitally important part of the curriculum at Madeley. The Course will be delivered in school through form time activities and focused drop-down days through years 10 and 11. It is based on the National Curriculum orders for PSHEE and SRE.

The programme is flexible as we take feedback from the pupils after each drop down day to inform planning.  The programme is designed to ensure that we are delivering the statutory requirements while ensuring we react to local and national issues while delivering the key information our pupils want to enable them to develop into health happy young people who are able to confidently contribute to society.  

The programme is structured to provide pupils with knowledge and skills that will enable them to make informed decisions, identify and manage risk to both themselves and others, reflect on their own attitudes, skills strengths and weaknesses so that they are able to lead healthy happy and fulfilling lives.

We continue with our 5 strand approach:

Financial Capability – to develop an understanding of money matters including budgeting, loans and lending, mortgages, utility bills, pensions and payslips.

Citizenship – to develop an understanding of their place in the world and what it means to be a British Citizen in a global society. We will look at UK politics and national and worldwide issues that will have a bearing on their future lives.

Relationship & Sex Education - To develop an understanding of healthy relationships, assessing the risk associated with the choices they make and how this could impact on their lives and others.

Personal Health, Wellbeing & First aid – covers aspects of personal wellbeing and asks students to reflect on their own lifestyle and whether the risks they make will affect their future life potential. This module includes drugs and alcohol, mental health and wellbeing.

Careers Information & Guidance - prepare for the world of work including preparing CVs and considering careers choices to make the best of post 16 opportunities that are open to them. Students will receive presentations from all the local post 16 education providers, information on apprenticeships and from training providers.

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