More record breaking GCSE results! 

Congratulations to the class of 2018 on an impressive set of GCSE results. Amongst them was some record breaking girl’s results! 

Overall, English and Maths remain very strong at both 4+ and 5+. 81% of pupils achieved 4+ in Maths, as did 81% in English, with a combined 74% in both subjects. Strong performance was also evident at 5+, with 65% in English and 57% in maths. GCSE statistics, which was completed in Year 9 achieved 45% A/A*. 


Further successes were found in Science, particularly in Chemistry and Biology. For example, 44% of Biology pupils achieved 7+, 27% at 8+ and 18% at 9+. 70% of pupils achieved 4+ overall in Science. 

83% of pupils achieved a 4+ in Music, and 42% achieved 7+. 61% of pupils achieved grade 5+ in History and 15% at 8+. A further 23% of pupils achieved 8+ in German. 

The outcomes of disadvantaged pupils were phenomenal and have improved significantly. Furthermore, there were many pupils with exceptional individual results. This included Esme McMillan who achieved a Grade 9 in every subject! One of only a very small number to have done this nationally. 

Mr Nixon, Principal commented . . . "The exam achievements of the Class of 2018 are a just reward for all of their hard work, dedication and commitment during their time at Madeley School.  I, along with the rest of the staff, are immensely proud of them and wish them well as they begin the next stage of their education."

A big congratulations to all!


School Performance Tables

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