Welcome to our website. I hope that along with our prospectus it will give you a clear sense of what makes our school special and how we strive to keep our core values at the heart of all we do on our collective mission of inspiring excellence.

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  • Monday 19th February is a week 1.

  • Please help us to keep the school site a safe environment for pupils, unless previously agreed with the school, parents should not pick up or drop off pupils in the school grounds, thank you.
  • If your child is absent from school you must call the Absence Line Tel: 01782 987800 - Press Option 2 and leave a message everyday of their absence.
  • Please note if you wish to contact your child in school please ring the main office Tel: 01782 987800 and not their mobile phone, thanks.
  • Just a reminder that if your child has been off school with sickness then they are not permitted to return to school until at least 48 hrs after the sickness has stopped.
  • Please keep up to date with all the latest updates which can be found on our school website by clicking the Recent Communications Tab on the website home page.
  • Department for Education helpline for staff, parents and young people.  Phone: 0800 046 8687, 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday) 

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Term dates

Autumn Term 2023

Staff: Monday 4th September - STAFF INSET DAY (School Closed to Students)

Staff & Students: Tuesday 5th September – Y7 only in School

Students: Wednesday 6th September - Thursday 26th October

Staff: Friday 27th October - STAFF INSET DAY (School Closed to Students)

Holiday: Monday 30th  October - Friday 3rd  November

Staff & Students: Monday 6th  November - Thursday 21st  December

Staff: Friday 22nd  December – STAFF INSET DAY (School Closed to Students)

Holiday: Monday 25th  December – Friday 5th January

Spring Term 2024

Staff & Students: Monday 8th January - Friday 9th February

Holiday: Monday 12th  February - Friday 16th  February

Staff & Students: Monday 19th  February – Friday 22nd March

Holiday: Monday 25th  March - Friday 5th  April

Easter Sunday: Sunday 31st March


Summer Term 2024

Staff & Students: Monday 8th April - Friday 24th May

Staff: Monday 15th April – STAFF INSET DAY (School Closed to Students)

May Day: Monday 6th May

Holiday: Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May

Staff & Students: Monday 3rd June – Friday 19th July

Staff: Monday 22nd July - Staff Flexi Day (School Closed to Students)