Personal Development

PSHE provides the opportunity for students to reflect more closely upon themselves.  Throughout Key Stage 3, opportunities are created to maximise learning about areas such as emotional wellbeing, celebrating differences, financial responsibility, road safety and first aid techniques. Students will also consider conflict resolution and diversity within society, and are encouraged to take an active part in debates and role play.

Year 7 students initially consider the difficulties of integrating into a new school and organising themselves into an effective routine. Issues such as bullying are explored throughout the year and students are made aware of the procedure to follow should a problem occur. It is hoped that pupils will understand that bullying is a group problem and it will not be tolerated. To further the work of the Science department, personal issues are discussed with relation to sex education. 

Citizenship and British Values

Citizenship looks at how students fit into the community and the impact that they can have upon it. During Key Stage 3 students explore the themes of rights and responsibilities, identities and diversity, globalisation, local democracy and the structure and role of Government.  Students will also plan and deliver a campaign to raise awareness about an issue that is important to them.

Study Skills

Pupils have various study skills lessons through their time at Madeley. As part of these lessons, we have initiatives such as `Building Learning Power’ for all students. This is a study skills module which includes ‘learn 2 learn’ lessons. This is a nationally recognised programme which develops knowledge, attributes and skills in all pupils. It is based on a shared model of learning and provides personalised goal setting for individual pupils.  It provides each child with strategies for learning in every circumstance and develops confidence which can be applied to all subject areas.

Careers and Work Related Learning

Year 7 - 11 Personal Development lessons include a comprehensive CIAG/work related learning unit to support pupils with their chosen career paths.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7-9 sessions involve learning about self-awareness, with pupils finding out about themselves and their strengths and weaknesses. This helps them to understand how their working life and the choices they make will fundamentally affect their future. Pupils are introduced to Careers resources and have experience of using Kudos (a guidance software program). Guest speakers from local colleges visit the school to inform pupils about the study routes available to them.

Key Stage 4

Work Related Learning sessions continue at GCSE with lessons that are designed to deliver quality education and guidance to students and to prepare them the world of work. Topics covered include the construction of CVs, personal statements, letters of application and interview skills.