Art and Design

Faculty Leader: Miss C Leath
Subject Leader: Miss C Leath

Aims of the department

The Department’s aim is to enable students to develop to their full potential through engaging in Art, Design and Craft activities in a visually exciting working environment. An environment which fosters creative enquiry and stimulates visual awareness. Students have the opportunity to record responses to direct experience, memory and imagination of natural/man made worlds. We encourage students’ independent study, investigation, research and personal initiative. Sketchbook use is important to support student’s ongoing work. We also provide opportunities for first-hand experience of original work through visits to museums and galleries.

Key Stage 3

Throughout Key Stage 3 the students will work from direct observation and personal experience exploring a variety of themes which concentrate on developing their understanding of the visual elements e.g. Shape and Colour, Line and Tone, Pattern and Texture and Form.  They will experience working on both large and small scale with a range of two and three dimensional materials.

Students will be encouraged to respond to and evaluate art and craft from different periods, cultures and traditions, making connections between the methods and approaches of other artists and their own work.

They will be encouraged to solve problems in a visual and tactile form, modifying their work as it progresses and explaining reasons for change. The sketch or ideas book is an important element of the course in which students communicate ideas and intentions and evaluate their own work. They also take part in the assessment of their projects.

Key Stage 4

What course do students follow?

Specification code: 4202  

What will students study?

  1. The work of other Artists, Designers and Craftspeople, studying their approach, style and use of materials applying this knowledge to your their work.
  2. The development of ideas through the investigation and exploration of the formal elements of Art and Design i.e. line, tone, colour, texture, form etc.
  3. Recording from direct observation (drawing and taking photographs) and personal experience in forms that are appropriate to their intentions.
  4. The selection and control of materials.
  5. Present personal responses demonstrating understanding, realising their intentions and making connections between all elements.

Details of Examination

The examination consists of a Portfolio of work (Unit 1 – 60%) and an Externally Set Task (Unit 2 – 40%) of 10 hours of sustained focused study where students can respond to their chosen starting point.
Details of Portfolio
Students submit a portfolio comprising a sustained project and a selection of further work which represents their course of study. Students produce a practical and critical / contextual work that should include painting and drawing, mixed media, sculpture, printmaking and new media technologies.

Additional Information
Visits to museums, art galleries and workshops are part of the Art course.  A camera and basic art materials are needed to support the course.

Where can I find more information?

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