Message from the Head Boy and Girl

We are Guy Fischman and Valentina Garro, the Head Boy and Head Girl. This year in particular, Madeley has faced a lot of changes both inside and outside of the classroom, including the new GCSEs. It is a new era for the school, full of new opportunities and we believe we have a strong prefect team behind us.

As we progress into our last year, we want to emphasise the students voice by creating a bridge between the teachers and pupils. We want everyone to have the best possible experience in high school by making the transitions as easy as we can. Every student deserves their own view and we plan to make them all heard.

As a small community with big ambitions, everyone will have their own individual goal which will be achieved. We are both very passionate about the school as it is a significant part of our lives; what we learn today will reflect on our futures.

Our past few years in Madeley have shaped us as people and wish those starting their journey the best of luck.

Guy and Valentina

head boy and girl